If not to History: Recovering the stories of Women in Napa

Essays by Lauren Coodley, Poems by Paula Amen Schmitt


I. Essay: Retracing Juliana’s Path
Photograph: George Yount
Poem: Hunting I
Photograph: Aetna Springs

II. Photograph: Ivy Loeber
Essay: “History Isn’t Always Taught Properly”: the Legacy of Ivy Loeber
Photograph: The Goodman Library
Poem: Brown Street

III. Essay: “That Will Give Them Bread”: A Depression Story
Photograph: Rita Bordwell
Poem: Performance 1944
Essay: On Researching Rita Bordwell, l885-1975
Photograph: Rita Bordwell

IV. Essay: Fancy Faire and Community Projects: Women’s History in our Town
Photograph: Community Projects Building
Poem: Hoffman Avenue

V. Essay: Searching for Peggy Connelly
Photograph: Child at Connelly Ranch
Poem: Opening Day
Photograph: Fair Advertisement

VI. Essay: “A Calm and Steady Presence”: Dr Olive Jack
Photograph: Dr Olive Jack
Poem: Don’t Fence Me In
Photograph: Paula and sister Shirley

VII. Essay: Counting Cars
Poem: Parade
Photograph: Fair Parade, l960’s
Photograph: Barbara Mercer Pepperettes

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